James’ experience and expertise covers all aspects of video production:



Scriptwriting and script editing

James has worked as a script editor and freelance scriptwriter, writing and editing material for English language teaching videos. James also wrote the screenplay for the low-budget British feature, Monk Dawson, and has recently written a series of radio plays.


Production management

interviewsJames’ experience of pre-production, filming and post-production ranges from large-scale drama productions to small documentary shooting.




Directing and producing

directing-and-producingJames has directed and produced video material in the UK, Europe and the US. This work has included large- and small-scale dramas, interviews and vox pop interviews and all kinds of documentary projects.




Project management

James has experience of working across multiple projects, juggling pre- and post-production, including casting and licensing, costing and permissions. home-page-photo-3


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